Newest Representative for Hydro Dynamics Cavitation Technology is L.E. Enterprises of Ohio

HDI's Shock Wave Power Reactor cavitation technology will be represented by L.E. Enterprises in Ohio for applications such as chemicals, biofuels, petroleum and consumer products.

Hydro Dynamics, Inc. (HDI) of Rome, GA announced today that L.E. Enterprises will be representing its Shock Wave Power Reactor (SPR) cavitation technology in Ohio. The SPR is a technology that is well suited for Ohio’s diverse industrial economy which includes chemical, biofuels, petroleum, consumer products and cutting edge technology.  "L. E. Enterprises has years of industrial sales experience make them an excellent partner to represent the ShockWave Power Reactor technology in an important industrial state like Ohio.” explains Doug Mancosky, VP of R&D at HDI.  "With a strong knowledge of Ohio industry and network of potential customers, L.E. Enterprises is setup for success with our technology." L.E. Enterprises joins a growing national and international network of representatives and distributors of the Shockwave Power technology.



About Hydro Dynamics 


Hydro Dynamics is the developer of a patented cavitation process intensification technology called the ShockWave Power Reactor (SPR), enabling customers to solve critical mixing, extraction and heating problems. Reactors are operating on four continents with well-known customers in applications as diverse as biodiesel to extracting flavor from hops for beer. The ShockWave Power Reactor allows customers to significantly decrease costs and increase profits, often with environmental and safety benefits. Learn more at



About L.E. Enterprises


Based in the Cleveland, Ohio area, L. E. Enterprises has many years of experience in providing solutions for industrial processes.  L.E. has provided solutions in the chemical and petroleum industries.  Learn more at

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Newest Representative for Hydro Dynamics Cavitation Technology is L.E. Enterprises of Ohio
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