Wine Presentation

Wine Applications

  • Accelerated maceration of color and tannins from grape skins
  • Accelerated oak extraction
  • High-efficiency juice flotation through enhanced gas dispersion
  • Improved bentonite / flocculant hydration and mixing
  • Yeast cell autolosys for enhanced maturation
  • Softening of palate & accelerated aging
  • Reduction in phenolic compounds
  • Elimination of volatile acidity including acetaldehyde produced from wine oxidation


Wine Brochure
Xtractmor Wine ShockWave Handout.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [212.0 KB]
Technical Specifications
XtractMor Technical Specs.pdf
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Accelerated Aging Data
Is Age Just a Number.pdf
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Sample Install
HDI - Mount Hope Winery - Brewery.pdf
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Sample Install
Fixing Wine Fault Press Release.pdf
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Sample Compatible Wood Chips
Wood Chips for Xtractor.pdf
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Wood Dosing Calculation
Chip Surface Area Calculation.pdf
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