Research and Development

Surface Refreshing for Higher Mass Transfer

Cavity Showing Refresh

Higher surface refreshing in electrochemical or photon related reactions can result in higher mass transfer. Any chemical reaction that must occur on a surface could benefit from our surface refreshing technology by improving the exposure, the selectivity, and the yield by decreasing surface area requirements, operational costs, capital costs and footprint requirements.


Our unique reactor design imparts five different mixing forces on the liquid at any given point in the reactor. These extreme mixing forces increase the rate of surface refreshing on the inner surface of the housing. The result is a concentration gradient at the surface, which cycles the process chemicals for the treatment. This action increases the mass transfer of photons in our UV-SPR and Electrons in our Electro-SPR.


At any fixed point on the inner housing surface, the refreshing rate may be as high as several thousand times per second.

ShockWave Power UV Technology

The UV-ShockWave Power Reactor (UV-SPR) is a non-immerse UV technology where the lamps do not come in contact with liquid. The reactor itself utilizes UV and cavitation for applications such as:  Water Disinfection, Cold pasteurization, Decolorization, Polymerization, and ... <more>

ShockWave Power Electrochemical Technology

The Electrochemical ShockWave Power Reactor (Electro-SPR) is a high electrodes refreshing reactor for minimizing voltage requirements for many processes in the mining industry, in chemical synthesis, in environmental applications, in oxidation and reduction reactions, and … <more>

ShockWave Power Hydrogenation Technology

The SPR is an excellent gas/liquid mixer and one of the most widely used industrial gas/liquid mixing processes in hydrogenation.  Hydrogenation involves the mixing of hydrogen gas into liquids (usually oils) at elevated temperatures and pressures....<more>