Hop Extraction for Brewery

Save Money and Make Better Beer

The ShockWave Xtractor cavitation technology by Hydro Dynamics, Inc. (HDI) and marketed by HDI's XtractMor subsidiary, can dramatically increase hop utilization for breweries.  With the proliferation of microbreweries the demand for hops and the prices have increased.  When the Xtractor technology is applied to the different processes within the brew-house, combined with expertise in hop utilization, it allows brewers to produce bitter beers with:

  • 50% less bittering hops
  • 50% less dry hopping hops
  • Impart other flavors like fruits, spices and chocolate
  • Increased hopping speed
  • Minimized protein damage
  • Sell more finished beer with less beer soaked hop waste

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Sample Breweries Using ShockWave Powered Hops Extraction

Award Winning Beers Made with ShockWave Powered Hops Extraction

HopWave Brewed by Santiago Gomez of Apotek and Aaron Rzeznik of Drafting Table Brewing Company 2015 IPA Silver medal in the Savannah Brewers League inaugural ‘Merica’s Mug Competiton



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