Liquor Aging

Using the force of cavitation, the SPR™ can significantly accelerate and catalyze liquor aging, allowing flavor transitions that often take years to develop to happen in minutes to days.  The SPR™ harnesses the normally destructive power of cavitation and controls it so its pressure fluctuations can be used to provide accelerated aging of liquors and spirits.  This is accomplished by extracting flavors and color from wood chips entrained in the fluid flowing through the equipment as opposed to traditional static barrel aging.  This same action can also be used to extract flavor from fruits, spices and other flavor sources.  Cavitation can also assist in the expedited breakdown and removal of natural harsh flavor compounds naturally found in spirits that also deteriorate as part of traditional aging.


The ApoWave™ technology is powered by the ShockWave Power™ Reactor cavitation technology by HDI and marketed by Apotek Solutions LLC (Apotek).  The craft distillery market is expanding rapidly like craft brewing before it and ApoWave™ can provide distillers unique process advantages.  In distilled spirits the ApoWave™ technology can:


  • Allow new distillers to sell dark/brown liquors immediately rather than waiting for years of aging. 
  • Drastic yield increase due to not having the evaporative loss associated with traditional aging.
  • Extract flavor from fruits, flowers and other flavor compounds
  • Experiment with new and seasonal flavors with the ability to see near immediate results.
ApoWave processed liquor before and after only 15 minutes ApoWave processed liquor before and after only 15 minutes

Distilleries Using ApoWave