Ethanol Yield Enhancement

The need for cost reduction and increased production efficiency provides an enormous opportunity for the SPR. When corn, barley, wheat or other grains are processed to produce ethanol it is imperative that the maximum amount of starch and sugars be removed.  This is typically accomplished with heat, enzymes and a minimum amount of stirring in a conventional tank mixer.  When corn is processed with the SPR, the strong forces of cavitation produce pressure fluctuations that go deep into the corn kernel's system of pits and pores, resulting in a significantly higher ethanol yield.  This represents significant and immediate savings to the ethanol producer.  The SPR is an easy retrofit for existing process lines.  Flows of up to 2000 GPM are easily handled by our patented equipment.


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ShockWave Power Reactor Installed in Cellulosic Ethanol Pilot Plant in Italy
March 14, 2014
Cellulosic Ethanol Install Press Release[...]
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Ethanol Yield Enhancement Patent Granted to Hydro Dynamics, Inc.
June, 4, 2013
HDI Ethanol Patent Press Release.pdf
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