(This is a rotor spinning in water at 3600 rpms in a clear acrylic housing that is stilled by a stroboscope.  You will see the action of cavitation in the bottom of each of the holes.)

Brewery Hops Extraction

Gas-Liquid Mixing

When a gas such as air or oxygen is added to the Shockwave Power Reactor, you begin to see larger bubbles appearing.   As the SPR increases in speed the mixing action will become very chaotic.  The large gas bubbles begin to become very small and the still image at the end shows them reduced to a fog. 

Dye Flow

Dye is injected into the SPR and goes into the cavities.  It is quickly cleared away showing dynamic mixing and no "dead" or stagnant areas.

Ethanol Yield Enhancement Extraction

Biodiesel Transesterification Reaction with ShockWave Power Biodiesel Reactor

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