Our Partners

Because of the vast potential of our technology we often find it best to enter a market with a strategic partner who has intimate knowledge of the area and already has established sales channels.  Hydro Dynamics, Inc. has cultivated relationships with some of the major industry players to provide you seamless technical support in your location or industry.

Global Partners by Industry


Partner for food and personal care industry under brand name of Cavitator

World Energy

Partner for the biodiesel industry

Phibro Ethanol Performance Group

Partner for the ethanol industry

Apotek Solutions

Partner for hops extraction

Proteaf Technology

Joint development partner for pharmaceuticals and fine chemicals.

International Partners by Location

Green Haback

Partner for South Korea

Sadguru Consultants

Partner for India

Representaciones Corelsa

Partner for Costa Rica and Panama

Domestic Partners by Location

Summit Equipment Company, Inc.

Partner for Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma and Iowa

GPM Industries

Partner for Georgia

Mattoon & Lee Equipment

Partners for Michigan

Siewert Equipment

Partner for New York

Tighe-Zeman Equipment

Partners for Wisconsin

Nibley and Company

Partners for Utah

Rodgers-Turner & Associates

Partners for Tennessee

L.E. Enterprises, Inc.

Partners for Ohio