ShockWave Power UV Technology

The UV-ShockWave Power Reactor (UV-SPR) is a non-immerse UV technology where the lamps do not come in contact with liquid. The reactor itself utilizes UV and cavitation for applications such as:  Water Disinfection, Cold pasteurization, Decolorization, Polymerization, and many more.


Conventional UV technologies have tried to find a way to improve efficiencies of existing systems by increasing UV lamp intensity.  However, high intensity lamps are not effective on opaque solutions; they are only effective on clear solutions. Conversely, the UV-SPR system utilizes a surface refreshing technique that brings bugs close to the lamp for improved exposure instead of using higher intensity bulbs to disinfect opaque solutions. Of course, our technology can also be used for clear liquids as well as opaque liquids.


Some of the benefits obtained when using our UV-SPR technology are:


  • More effective exposure
  • Higher selectivity
  • Less surface area required
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Lower capital cost
  • Smaller footprint

UV light destroys bacteria, viruses and many other micro-organisms by interfering with the DNA and RNA in the organisms' reproductive processes.