The SPR can use the pressure fluctuations of cavitation to assist in extraction.  This push and pull motion can work alone or synergistically with chemical additives.

Video showing pressure fluctuations assisting extraction of oil in hops.  Process is very similar for nearly any application with only the substrate and solvent changing.

Extraction applications include:


  • Hop flavor extraction
  • Ethanol yield enhancement
  • Algae oil extraction
  • Cellulosic ethanol
  • Biogas
  • Sands and minerals
  • Liquor aging

Extraction Examples

Hop Extraction


Use cavitation to extract flavors from hops, woodchips, fruits and other compounds for beer and liquor.


See our XtractMor page for more information.

Mineral Extraction


Below is a series of pictures of sand where iron impurities have been extracted with acid.