Accelerating Transesterification

The SPR excels at transesterification.  In biodiesel the SPR technology harnesses cavitation to transesterify vegetable or animal fats in seconds.  When the cavitation bubbles collapse and produce shockwaves, powerful forces are generated that cut up the process material into microscopic sizes.  This increases the surface contact area between the reactants.  The process intensity drives the reaction further to completion than with conventional reactors in a fraction of the time with higher yields and lower monoglycerides.  The breakthrough results are obtained by using the forces of cavitation in a controlled manner rather than typical impellers or blades to process materials.  With “Controlled Cavitation” technology the mass transfer rate can be increased and results obtained that far exceed those of any technology in the market today.

Biodiesel Transesterification Reaction with ShockWave Power Biodiesel Reactor

Sample Results